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Welcome to Hot Stone Massage..."Evolved", where contoured solid Stone tools make giving Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage easier on your own hands and body AND more effective for your clients, yourself, each other and even your family.

SYNERGY STONE Patented Massage Tools are the creation of over 7 years of hands on research and development by LMP, Scott Wynn.  In the field for over 20 yrs, his expertise in therapeutic Hot Stone Massage led him to envision, create and perfect this revolutionary array of intuitively designed Stone Massage Tools and and the Heat-Wave style of employing them.
SYNERGY STONE is family owned and operated in Seattle WA. Each and every tool is genuinely hand-crafted by our family with the utmost care. Please enjoy learning and utilizing these very special Massage Stones in as many areas of your life as possible.  Frequent, healthy, healing massage is a powerful healing force!
Thank you for your interest and please contact us with any questions, The Synergy Stone Family