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Ultra-Smooth Synergy

SNERGY STONE contoured Hot Stone Massage Tools "Synergize" Chair Massage for easier, mutually beneficial results.

Use hot or cold with Relaxing and Therapeutic techniques to achieve superb sensations. Combine with your own hands or work solely with Synergy Stones. Save your hands from the abuse over clothes! You'll never go back, they work that well.

Designed to emulate your palms, forearms, elbows, knuckles, fingers or thumbs, use them hot or cold, slow or fast, with gentle or deeper pressure to give multi-sensational massage.

The Stone's







Published by Shona Catriona Dunsmuir on 8th Jun 2018

I’ve wanted this particular stone for a very long time & was excited to use it! I wasn’t disappointed! The design means it’s a perfect fit for the contours of my clients muscles. The heat stays in the stones far longer than traditional stone, meaning a more relaxing, flowing massage experience. They heat up quickly to perfection. I’ll be buying more!


Published by Unknown on 27th Mar 2015

My family of four were on vacation and happened upon a booth at Pike Place Market in Seattle where they were selling the SYNERGY STONES. We almost walked right past it, but there was a YouTube video playing and it caught our eye. Well, soon enough we were offered to try it and all I can say is, WOW! We were on a road trip from Arizona to Canada and we had done a lot of walking and lugging heavy shopping bags, backpacks and suitcases. We were sore! We happily bought The "HEAT~WAVE" STONE and practically fought over who could use it to relieve our sore shoulders and back.

We were so pleased that we went back the next morning before our scheduled departure to try and find the booth so we could buy another one to give to my parents! It was to early in the morning and it was not set up yet, so when we got back home I found the website and ordered one. My parents were so impressed with the "HEAT~WAVE" STONE that they will be ordering some to give to friends. Thank you for putting so much thought and craftsmanship into a tool that really helps you feel better.
-Jessica & Family