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Festivals,  Corporate,  Trade Shows,  Anywhere,  Anytime.. 

SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools "Synergize" Chair Massage for easier, mutually beneficial results. Blend hot or cold with Relaxing and Therapeutic techniques to achieve superb sensations while saving your hands from so much abuse over clothes.  Combine with your own hands or work solely with Synergy Stones.  You'll never go back, they feel that good.








What People are Saying:


I can't say how in love i am with these stones. they have changed the way I do my chair massage events. They allow me to work smarter not harder and my clients love them.  


I have seen a lot of my colleagues on Facebook rave about these stones. These stones are amazing! They glide, they curve, they're smooth, and they retain heat longer. Goodbye basalt stones. I am in love with Synergy Stones!!   


These are great tools for chair massage! Saves a therapist hands! Every client I have loves them!    

Hot, they blend or "Synergize" radiant heat with your own approach or Heat-Wave Techniques. Air-Temp, they add the smooth sensations with advanced Techniques only SYNERGY STONEs can provide.  Here are more demos of a few ways to enhance your massage abilities.


Individual Stones and Pairs

Choose from the Five unique SYNERGY Stone Shapes. Remember that having at least 2 is best so that you can have one in each hand, or have one heating while the other is in use.


Professional Sets of FIVE or TEN

For a more immersive experience choose from the CORE Set of FIVE or the ADVANCED Set of TEN SYNERGY STONES.  The ADVANCED Set is the most popular choice because it has 2 of each Stone and gives you the most versatility.


Complete WATER-FREE Systems

For everything you need to "Synergize" your Studio or Spa choose a Complete Water-Free System.  An investment in your career that your hands and your clients will thank you for every day.