COMPLETE ADVANCED "StarLight" Water-Free SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool System

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The COMPLETE ADVANCED Water-Free SYNERGY STONE System includes everything you need to SYNERGIZE your Spa or Studio.  

Provide Ultra-Relaxing and Therapeutic SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone massage treatments Water-Free! This system includes everything you need to get started with the ADVANCED SYNERGY Set of Stones and a Water-Free Heating System. Transform your Spa or Studio and the services you offer! Provide a Synergy of ultra-relaxing and therapeutic treatments with Stones shaped for their body and your hands. Conveniently heat the ADVANCED Set of (10) SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools between (2) Synergy Heating System Pads and within a custom made Bamboo tray. The digital controller allows you to specify the temperature between 86 and 166 degrees and treatment time up to 8 hr.'s. Once hot, your Stones can be used and then replaced between the heating pad(s) to reheat within minutes. Also includes an Oil-proof heating pad cover to prevent oils from soaking into the heating pad as well as making clean up between treatments quick and simple.

The ADVANCED Set of SYNERGY STONES enables you to both enhance your current style of massage as well as perform the new SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage.  The ADVANCED Set of 10 SYNERGY STONES included in this System come in both "Original Black" that give more grip when using with Massage oils or creams, and "Ultra-Smooth" that have an glassy smooth surface for use with oils, creams or over clothes for chair massage. "Ultra-Smooth" are dual-purpose but you may find them to be quite slippery when used with Oils. You may also choose the "Custom Color" System to mix or match to your preference.

SYNERGY STONE's contoured shapes give far better results than common stones and are able to perform advanced techniques that blend the warmth of Hot Stones with custom relaxing and therapeutic massage. Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA., and developed by Scott Wynn, a massage professional with over 25 years experience, these revolutionary Massage tools blend the deeply relaxing warmth of traditional hot stones with the health benefits of deeper therapeutic massage.

SYNERGY STONES are larger and stay warm longer than common Hot Stones. Each stone is the equivalent of 2-6 smaller basalt stones. Patent Pending SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools are the result of over 5 years of testing dozens of innovative designs to create the warmest, most controllable and versatile Massage Tools available. Held with one or two hands, perform HEAT~WAVE techniques such as Soothe, Knead and Sculpt that make giving massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you.

It's the experience of being massaged with soothing warmth in gentle to deeper waves of stress relieving massage motion that people love. Massage Therapists, athletes, couples, professionals and people around the world are discovering why SYNERGY STONE's are the most advanced massage tools available. SYNERGY STONES blend Soothing HEAT, Custom PRESSURE and Advanced Massage TECHNIQUES into an Ultra-Relaxing Synergistic Massage experience.

Which Color and Texture is Right for You?

There are many colors but only two textures. Ultra-Smooth and Original Black. Ultra-Smooth Colors are Glossy and can be used with oils etc., on skin and dry over clothes. Original Black is the ONLY "Matte" textured color made for extra grip when using slippery oils, etc.. Choosing which Texture/Color comes down to personal preference. If you Only do massage with oils, etc., you can use either type but will have more grip with the Original Black. If you Only do Clothed Table or Chair massage, definitely go with the Ultra-Smooth Colors. If you do both, either get Both Textures, half and half, or go with Ultra-Smooth because Ultra-Smooth works with both oil and over clothes.

  • Both Original Black and the Ultra-Smooth Colors can be used against the skin with any lubricant such as massage oil, lotion, cream or gel.
  • Original Black is the only color with a matte surface over the whole stone. It is designed for use against the skin only and for the best grip when using with any lubricant.
  • Ultra-Smooth colors can be used against the skin with any lubricant AND over clothes such as for chair or clothed table massage. They are glossy smooth over the whole stone and have red “grip-spots” for extra grip when using massage oils, etc. If you find them too slippery exchanges are allowed within 30 days.

This Complete ADVANCED Water-Free System includes:

  1. An ADVANCED Set of 10 SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools.
  2. Two (2) Synergy Stone Water-Free Heating System Pads with digital controller that large display. Can be set up to auto start with outlet timer or Smart Power Strip (Sold Separately).
  3. A 26x14" Custom Made Bamboo Tray. Attractive and Sturdy, each Water-Free System includes a custom sized Bamboo Tray to perfectly hold, display and store your SYNERGY STONE System.
  4. Two (2) Oil-Proof Heating Pad Covers. While using your SYNERGY STONES with Oil, Cream or Gel, our Oil-Proof heating pad covers protect from soaking into your heating pads and to make cleaning between sessions quick and easy.
  5. Two (2) Felt Heating Pad Covers. If you are choosing the Ultra-Smooth SYNERGY STONES to be used without oils, the Felt heating pad covers work to provide a soft and quiet surface. Perfect for Clothed Table or Chair Massage.

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