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CORE "Custom" Ultra-Smooth (Set of 5) SYNERGY STONES

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The CORE Ultra-Smooth Synergy Stone Massage Tool Set is a collection of (5) revolutionary SYNERGY STONE Massage tools. This Set of the five larger Stones enables massage practitioners to perform the New SYNERGY STONE Massage as well as enhance any other style of massage with the Synergy Stone Add-On. The Ultra-Smooth surface of each Stone provides friction free motion and a surreally soft and soothing sensation for the massage receiver. Ultra-Smooth Stones work best over clothes or sheets but can be used against the skin with oils. (With oils, the stones will be fairly slippery in your hands.) (Use Original Black Stones when using a slippery oil.)

SYNERGY STONES are larger and stay warm longer than common Hot Stones. Each stone is the equivalent of 2-6 smaller basalt stones. This Ultra-Smooth Set can be heated between (1) 14" x 27" electric heating pad, in a water filled stone heater or in a microwave oven with a rotating plate. Patent Pending SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools are the result of over 5 years of testing hundreds of innovative designs to create the warmest, most controllable and versatile Massage Tools available.

SYNERGY STONE's contoured shapes give far better results than common stones and are able to perform advanced HEAT-WAVE techniques that blend the warmth of Hot Stones with custom relaxing and therapeutic massage. Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA., and developed by Scott Wynn, a massage professional with nearly 25 years experience, these revolutionary Massage tools blend the deeply relaxing warmth of traditional hot stones with the health benefits of deeper therapeutic massage.

Perform HEAT~WAVE techniques such as Soothe , Knead and Sculpt that make giving massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you. This Set also enables practitioners to enhance regular clothed massage styles with HEAT~WAVE techniques. Revitalize your current massage menu, earn more per/massage and propel your Studio or Spa ahead of the competition by adding SYNERGY STONES to your Studio or Spa.

This Tool Set can be HEATED with or WITHOUT WATER. For convenience or when you are not close to running water, heat this Set of Stones between two electric 14" x 27" TheraTherm, or equivalent, heating pads, sold separately. This method of heating eliminates the need for water in the massage room. This also makes exchanging the stones during massage very fast. Setup and cleanup between massages are also very easy and quick.

SYNERGY STONES blend Soothing HEAT, Custom PRESSURE and Advanced Massage TECHNIQUES into an Ultra-Relaxing Massage experience. It's the Experience of being massaged with Soothing Warmth in gentle to deeper waves of stress relieving Massage Motion that people love. Massage Therapists, athletes, couples, professionals and everyday people around the world are discovering why SYNERGY STONEs are the most advanced massage tools available. Learn more and watch the on-line demo videos at SynergyStone.com.

The CORE Tool Set Includes the following SYNERGY STONE Massage tools: 

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2 Reviews

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    Great Purchase!

    Published by Bonnie Decoteau on 6th Feb 2017

    I received my core set in a timely manner and loved the extras, the bag, towels and manual. I used my stones right away, they heated fast and stayed warm a while. I will be adding to my collection!!

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    Best massage stones ever

    Published by Jessica on 26th May 2016

    First of all, the stones arrive in record time, like 3 days record time. They arrive in great little bags and are so beautifully colored. I love, love, love these stones and have gotten hundreds of compliments! Really great buy.

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