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Synergy Stone Massage

Posted By: Decidedly Equestrian (Online Magazine)

BLISSFUL "Ultra-Smooth" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

ultrasmooth-stone.jpgWe happened to stumble across this nifty tool while browsing Pike’s Place Market in Seattle one day this summer. After a quick demo we were sold. Our household is fairly active and there’s always a knot or soreness to massage out of someone’s shoulder, leg or arm. We quickly purchased the Blissful stone and it found its way into our routine (almost daily).

This rock (it is essentially just a large shaped stone with a layer of thin glass to make it smooth), is super easy to use. Pop it in the microwave until it is as hot as you want it. Usually 30 second increments will do, all microwaves vary though. Once the rock is an appropriate temperature, either hand it off to some else to do the massaging, or use it yourself. We like to lay on it on the floor to hit trigger points on our back and shoulders. It is fantastic after a long day at the barn, a particularly hard ride or soreness from overdoing it at the gym. It’s also great for relieving any tension in the body (my shoulders are always bound up and this really helps to keep them more limber). A little oil will help it slide over the skin very smoothly if you are massaging large areas.

Another great use of the Synergy Stone? A mini space heater. On cold days, we warm this sucker up and put it under our blankets (either in bed or sitting on the couch) or just rest our feet and hands on it to soak up the warmth. We think they are missing a market by not having pocket sized versions to warm up and carry around (though the heat doesn’t last as long as Hot Hands). When we travel, we always take it. Be warned however that if you carry it on, TSA will look through your bag and will think you are crazy for carrying a rock on a plane (none have ever threatened to take it away however, but the bag always gets searched).

This stone can also be used to massage your pets (however be careful, it is heavy…the last thing you want to do is drop it on your dog or horse). Also be aware of the temperature and the pressure you use to ensure that the experience is pleasurable for your animals. It actually slides over animal hair much better than it slides over human skin. This product does come in a protective fleece sleeve. This sleeve is great for carrying it around, but also helps to hold the heat in while transferring the stone from the microwave if you are going to have any delay in using it. We love our Synergy Stone and will be purchasing others in the future (we’ve got our eye on the Heat-Wave).

Love the HEAT

Posted By: Cynthia & Ron

HEAT~WAVE "Ultra-Smooth" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

heatwave-ultrasmooth.jpgWe enjoy giving each other massage when we can so when we saw this new stone on Amazon we decided to try it out. It arrived in a sock like sleeve with some info on how to heat and where to find the videos if wanted. Said to pop the stone in our micro for a minute+ with the sock on so we did. We put a paper towel down first though to keep it clean. Then it said to just watch the videos and try it on each other while sitting on the couch for instance.

I was first to receive and to say the least I was shocked at how much heat went through my shirt! Cyn just did my upper back and shoulders for I'd say close to 10 minutes before we swapped places. I reheated for just 30 sec's like it says to do and was plenty hot. She held my phone up so I could watch the YouTube video while practicing on her back.

Besides the massage feeling super nice, we both agreed that the heat puts it above the other plastic massage sticks and balls and rubby things! Great product!

The Best Massage Tool!!

Posted By: Jessica & Family (Arizona)

HEAT~WAVE "Ultra-Smooth" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

heatwave-ultrasmooth-teal.jpgMy family of four were on vacation and happened upon a booth at Pike Place Market in Seattle where they were selling the SYNERGY STONES. We almost walked right past it, but there was a YouTube video playing and it caught our eye. Well, soon enough we were offered to try it and all I can say is, WOW!

We were on a road trip from Arizona to Canada and we had done a lot of walking and lugging heavy shopping bags, backpacks and suitcases. We were sore! We happily bought The "HEAT~WAVE" STONE and practically fought over who could use it to relieve our sore shoulders and back. We were so pleased that we went back the next morning before our scheduled departure to try and find the booth so we could buy another one to give to my parents! It was to early in the morning and it was not set up yet, so when we got back home I found the website and ordered one. My parents were so impressed with the "HEAT~WAVE" STONE that they will be ordering some to give to friends. Thank you for putting so much thought and craftsmanship into a tool that really helps you feel better. ~Jessica & Family

Such an Excellent Idea

Posted By: Thalia and Matt (Atlanta, GA)

DIVINE "Ultra-Smooth" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

divine-ultrasmooth-stone.jpgSaw these stones in Seattle and after Scott used them on me I was sold. They are absolutely fantastic. I was like melted butter when he finished working on my shoulders right over my clothes, so my husband and I both agreed that we had to have one to work on each other!

We definitely recommend these for anyone to use at home. I haven't seen anything that matches what these stones can do for our sore, tired backs and necks even to take it to work has proved to be beneficial while sitting all day behind a desk...feels wonderful to relieve those muscles.

Yes, yes, yes!

Wave Off Sore Muscles!

Posted By: Carol Ivers

HEAT~WAVE "Ultra-Smooth" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

heatwave-ultrasmooth-black.jpgOne day while walking through Pike Place Market in Seattle, a gentleman asked us if he could demo his product for us. All I could see were some lumps under a heating pad... Sure, Why not? OMG! He rolled that warm stone across my shoulders and down my back and I was in love... My Husband was grinning ear to ear, but being the frugal one that I am, I decided to think on it and walk away. We went to get a bite to eat and on our way back through the Market I stopped and bought the HeatWave AND the Divine. Best $$ I have spent in a long time.

My husband does a very physical job and often comes home with sore muscles, a hot shower, and an rub down with the Heat-Wave works wonders. The Divine gets into the knotted up muscles for great stress relief. Just a minute or so in the Microwave works great, but we tend to like the slow heat of either a heating pad or setting the stone on top of our radiator. I won't swear to it, but it seems like the stone holds the heat longer with the slower heating.

Again, love this product!! I've actually purchased additional stones for family members and they are loving it too!!

Great Way to Connect!

Posted By: Sherri T.

SERENE "Ultra-Smooth" (Set of 2) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

setof2-ultrasmooth-stones.jpgI don't normally write reviews but my husband and I enjoy these so much I wanted to share my thoughts. So these are the flat Stones and they are super soft and sensual wherever you massage with them. I don't have a microwave so we bought one of the heating pads and it heats nicely.

It's hard to describe how good it feels but just imagine huge sticks of butter melting over your back as they move along! Also they say these are for massaging over your clothes but we use them with massage oil and they feel amazing right over the skin. The main thing we like is that these give us an excuse to connect in the evening!

Now it's hard to imagine massage without our stones! Sherri