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STYLES of Massage

SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools enhance any Style of Massage. They blend or "Synergize" radiant heat with techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for a powerful new approach that reduces fatigue while increasing effectiveness and enjoyment. 


SYNERGY STONES can be heated in multiple ways. If you're in a hurry, Microwave up to 5 at a time for 60-90 seconds.  Then keep them hot during your massage with our Water-Free heating pad system, a hot-water basin of any sort or even a hot towel cabby.

Microwave for a Quick Preheat:

Water-Free Heating Pad System:

Hot Water Heater:


Learn to use SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools by simply watching our demo videos and practicing until comfortable and confident. Study at your own pace and Self-Certify by following the step-by-step protocol as a guide. Everything you learn can then be used to enhance every other style of Massage you already offer.   Self-Certify Page

Upper Body Face Down

Lower Body Face Down

Upper Body Face Up