Professional Reviews

Superior Therapeutic Tools!

Posted By: Jalene Smith, LMP

ADVANCED "Original" (Set of 9) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools


The consciousness and energy of these hand-made ceramic tools bring forth all the benefits of a therapeutic massage with each tools shape, weight, surface and heat retention. They allow me to work through areas of tension such as shoulders, forearms and hands without creating tension in my own.

Compared to other tools I have tried, these are far superior. I can read energy blocks and pressure points right through the stones. These synergy stones will extend my career and greatly benefit my clients.

From my Massage Client...

Posted By: BJ, LMT

ULTIMATE "Original" (Set of 14) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool


I just wanted to share what one of my clients noted on my referral forms after I used the Ultimate hot stones to give her a Heat wave massage.

"There are really no words to describe how in-tune your whole body, mind and soul feel when Bobbi works on you. Her unique combination of skills, combined with these amazing hot stones, simply dissolves stress and tension. It's amazing!"

This is only one of many great testimonials I get since I began using the Synergy Hot Stones. I actually feel it's fun now to give a massage, as I've been using my hands only for about 10 years now! These stones really are amazing! BJ, New York

My Clients Are Loving Them

Posted By: Jenniferalise, Owner SML Spa

My name is Jenniferalise Patterson and I am the proud owner of SML Massage and Spa, located in beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. I am also a (22 year) Holistic Practitioner as well as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.While my business and staff prides itself in offering the largest selection of massage, spa and beauty care treatments within our region, we recently desired to enrich our menu of services with a unique, heated modality. In our quest for such, colleagues found numerous sites promoting the use of heated 'shells' which seemed very superficial, costly as well as with minimal therapeutic benefit to our clients. I then discovered Synergy Stone's website, purely by accident and coincidentally what I was seeking for my business and clients alike. Curious, yet cautious, I researched the company, watched the tutorial videos as well as contacted the owner on various occasions before purchasing the Ultimate set. Now, a few months after purchase, the Heat~Wave Massage is in demand by clients, being referred to by others and receiving nothing less then positive reviews!

The five uniquely sculpted stones constitute a profoundly relaxing, thermal experience which begins as a soothing Swedish and slowly ascends into a Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage. Unlike basalt, Synergy Stones are not excessively slippery, are larger in size (allowing for a greater area of warmth over the body) heavier in weight (thus holding heat longer) and individually contoured; allowing for customized bodywork and deeper penetration within muscle groups as well as isolation of such muscles and fascia.

While the Synergy Stones can be heated without water, we have chosen to do such with a water filled 18qt. stone heater (as recommended for the Ultimate set). The stones align perfectly within and we have found the ideal thermal setting for our clients. SML Massage and Spa has also incorporated the same Synergy Stones into a 'Glacier' massage! Fill the same 18qt. container with ice and water for a custom cooling treatment. Apply the stones cold, cool or tepid (depending on your initial water temperature) and they will gradually warm to your clients body temperature. For additional Cryo bodywork, we also offer Bio-Freeze as a supplement.

My staff and I watched the tutorial videos several times as well as practiced on one another before offering such to our clients and general public. While not required, we do suggest other Therapist's and Spa's incorporate a basic training regimen to familiarize themselves with this extraordinary product.

I highly recommend 'Synergizing' your business, your clients, even your Family and friends!!

Was reluctant, But am Sold Now!

Posted By: Ellen T., LMP

serene-orig-setof2.jpgSERENE "Original" (Set of 2) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

I was surprised that they were not glassy smooth when I got them, but when I put oil on them and then tried it out they were very smooth! Not sure how, but they are grippy to my hands, but smooth to my clients skin.

So my other concern was the cost. Far more than river stones. but I can see why now. Hand made, and Bigger. I started with just one, but now I have four and am able to do a very warm massage. I should have just bought a big set, would be cheaper per stone, but wasn't sure.

I highly recommend!

Absolutely Love The Heat~Wave Massage!

Posted By: Helen

I have been to Jenniferalise many times and I must say, I absolutely LOVE the new Heat-Wave Massage!! I have had traditional hot stone massages before and this is like comparing apples to passion fruit. The Heat-Wave massage starts off soothing and gradually builds into a deep tissue massage, whereas regular stones seem to be very superficial. These new stones also seem to hold the heat much longer and are larger in size, making for more warmth coverage over a larger area. I'm hooked! My only question is, is there anyone in WV, NC or MD that is offering this new treatment (I travel frequently there due to work)?

Wow, Impressed!

Posted By: Jordan, LMP

ADVANCED "Original" (Set of 9) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools


I was looking for Basalt stones to offer hot stone massage at my studio when I saw these. Intrigued, I Googled the company, Synergy Stone, found their website and discovered that they've launched a new style of hot stone massage using these Stones that they make themselves. Wow! I watched some of the demo vids and it looked interesting.

The stones don't look like anything else out there that I've seen and I found myself wishing I was the one getting the massage. They look like they feel amazing! But I wasn't convinced yet. I ordered the Advanced Set and was impressed at the weight and feel of the different shaped stones. The most unique stone is long and shaped like a W. There's also a large flat stone with notches, and a hourglass shaped stone that was very contoured and looked like it would be good for lots of areas. They're not super slippery even with oil, something I have never liked with basalt stones because it can be hard to hold them under pressure.

It wasn't until I actually used them that I understood why they created a whole new style of Massage. They felt great in my hands, I mean really great! And my clients kept Ohhh'ing and Ahh'ing as though they'd never had a hot stone massage before!

It helped to watch the demo vids beforehand just to get an idea of what they can do. I was also surprised how many different techniques there are! I give them 5 stars for functionality and their informative website and for giving me something I can get excited about. The lifetime warranty is a bonus. Cant wait to use them on the rest of my clients!

The Heat~Wave Stones were Amazing!

Posted By: Judy W.

I received a wonderful Heat-Wave massage, Saturday before my trip to NC and man it was great so relaxing. The heat stones were amazing! Wasn't too sure about them when i first heard about them but boy was i wrong, I don't think i want any other type of massage now. So very happy and impressed with the heat-wave stones. :)

So much more...

Posted By: Robbin S., LMP

CORE "Original" (Set of 5) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

core-orig-setof5.jpgJust amazing what can be done with these hot stones. They are not like regular stones at all, and can deliver so much more.

I do a lot of deep tissue massage and find these stones can get very deep with less of my effort and are helping release stubborn knots in my clients. They now request my Heat Wave massage because I can give a massage that's customized for them but with the heat.

Definitely recommend LMPs to try the Advanced set. You won't regret. Five stars!

Deeper more Relaxing massage...

Posted By: Pam

Enjoyed the Heat-Wave massage today. It is a deep tissue - hot stone massage that is like no other. Traditional stone massages are wonderful, but the Heat-Wave is a deeper more relaxing massage. With the Heat-Wave, special stones are used the entire time to massage the body whereas a traditional hot stone massage warms the muscles but doesn't actually work out the kinks. Worked great on my aching back and neck. Thanks Jennifer for making my visit to SML a wonderful relaxing experience. Pam

Love the Heat~Wave!

Posted By: Beth Hicks, LMP

HEAT~WAVE "Original" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

heatwave-original.jpgI've been a licensed massage therapist for 18 years, and have played with various tools with nothing really meriting ongoing use. This, however, is a winner! Overall I dig the Heat-Wave Synergy Stone I recently purchased. I use it on myself and on patients, and it really helps them to relax and the fascia to loosen up - which then allows me to do deeper, longer lasting work. Using it on myself keeps my own forearm, shoulder and neck fascia stretched and warm at the end of a long day. Only drawback is it's not as useful in "tighter" spots because of it's length and size, but I suppose that's what the other smaller tools are for! Overall excellent though, and well worth the investment. My patients have only had the best comments.

I loved the Heat-Wave Stone Massage!

Posted By: Carolyn D.

I loved the Heat-wave Stone Massage!!! There definitely was a difference between the traditional stones and the ones you use. I felt a got a better...more therapeutic massage. (yet relaxing too!) It was wonderful!!! Thank you so very much...I'll be back!!!

These Stones Rock!

Posted By: Jeremy Weber LMP

CORE "Original" Set of 5 SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

Ever since I've done massage therapy I've use hot stones to break up the session. These are my favorite stones & have replaced the ones I bought back in 2002. Let me tell you these stones make my clients moan every time I rest them slowly on their body. Everyone I've used them on loves them & I enjoy using them. I love the shape. As you can see they are contoured much like the body. They fit nicely into the space between the neck & shoulder. I could go on but pretty much every part of the body I've found a way to effectively use these stones. These stones are large. I have big hands & part of the stones sticks out a bit but it doesn't mean that they are difficult to control. I recommend buying a moist heating pad to heat them in. You'll get a controllable even heat that will make your clients purr with pleasure. Clients love them, I love them & I'm confident you'll love them.

This Tool changed my life, For Real!

Posted By: Gwendolyn G. LMP

HEAT~WAVE "Original" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

I cannot say enough about how much I love this tool. About a year ago I realized that I had to add some tools to my practice (of ten years) because I had tendinitis in my elbow. I bought this and many other tools and this, as well as a few other of the synergy stones, have both changed my work and become indispensable to my practice. I am now able to apply more pressure with so much less effort. I can massage erectors, QL, hamstrings, all the big ones, so easily. My clients love the heat and the smoothness of the stones and often say that it's one of the best parts of their massage. i used to feel intimidated by certain bodies. If I knew I had a client who was super strong or had very long standing issues in some of those bigger muscle groups I would feel a little sense of dread early in the day, worrying that I would either not be able to perform as well as I wanted to or else that I would end up with a sore neck, back or arm myself by the end of the day. Now, I honestly do not feel worried. Additionally, I've communicated with the creator of synergy stones, Scott Wynn, and his customer service is absolutely top notch. This week I was without my stone for a few days and I felt the difference. It reminded me that I had to go online and share this praise. Please LMTs, prolong your career, open yourself to new techniques, spice up your massage for your loyal clients. Buy this tool I hope you will be as truly grateful as I am. Gwen Guarino

Best Investment I've made!

Posted By: Anonymous Massage Practitioner

ADVANCED "Original" (Set of 9) SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

I ordered the Synergize Heat Wave Set of 9. The shape of the stones make them very easy to handle and maneuver. Most of them are bigger and so the heat dissipates slower which is awesome. The Divine stones should be renamed Sooo DIVINE! They feel incredible on the face, neck, hands, feet... I was a little intimidated the first time I used the stones, but now, the more I use them the more I'm loving them! In fact, I'd like 4 of each, so I'll be buying another set. I can tell they are hand made, but to me that is even better because they seem more personal.

The BEST Tools Ever!

Posted By: Erin J, LMT

DIVINE "Original" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

divine-orig-setof2.jpgI got two of the Divine Stones with the set that I purchased, and I am in love with these stones! Not only can you use the three different ends, but you can lay it parallel to the body, or grab muscle by using the recessed space between the three ends.

I have found far more places to use them than was shown on the videos. It would probably take too long to show everything I'm guessing. Also, my stones are as smooth as glass on the tips (which you can't tell from the product photos) and that makes for a remarkable sensation on the face, hands, feet, neck and chest.

Wonderful Tool!


Posted By: Angela

HEAT~WAVE "Original" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool

Just wanted to tell you your heat wave stones are awesome! I wish I had discovered them years ago! My clients are loving them! One of my clients calls them "miracle workers." I had been using forearms/ lomi lomi moves to give my hands a break, but then my elbows started complaining loudly after a few years of that. These stones can do pretty much everything I was doing with forearms, and the 2 stones are enough for an entire massage, reheating quickly if I have the pad at maximum. I do microwave them and wrap them up at home before leaving, but they hold heat very well. They are actually very do-able for mobile massage. The shape is so perfect. You're a genius, and I think you've extended my career!

Perfect Shapes for Massage

Posted By: Erin J. LMT

BLISSFUL "Original" SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tools

blissful-orig.jpgI ordered a large set which included 2 of the Blissful stones. Anyone that's familiar with hot stone massage knows there are stones in your set that you have at least 4 or more of, and those are the stones which because of their size/shape/weight, you use most often. Comparably, these are those stones.

After having the opportunity to use my set on as many clients as possible since receiving them, I've found that I love the Blissful Stones. The Blissful is also the perfect shape for resting under your clients neck while in the supine position, either during a massage, or facial (I wrap mine in a washcloth before placing under the neck for long periods). Great product!