To Save Their Hands and Extend Their Career

  • SYNERGY STONES Decrease repetitive strain in your fingers, thumbs, wrists and elbows.
  • The Five Ergonomic hot stone tools fit comfortably in and become extensions of your own hands.
  • Each stone tool was designed to emulate different aspects of your own hands, fingers, thumbs, palms, forearms and elbows to offer multiple options for gentle relaxation to deeper therapeutic bodywork.
  • SYNERGY STONES help avoid common burnout that happens due to repetitive overuse injuries.
  • Pros Revitalize and extend their careers while giving clients more of what they want...deeply relaxing and custom therapeutic massage.
  • Let Synergy Stones take the abuse instead of your joints and tendons! 

To Enhance Their Massage-Abilities

  • SYNERGY STONE Hot stones are contoured to Soothe, Circle, Knead, Sculpt, Rake and Rock your clients every need.
  • They enhance and "Synergize" your intention with HEAT, Relaxing Techniques and Deep Tissue Techniques.
  • SYNERGY STONEs give clients a modern, wonderful experience, unlike regular hot Stones, that will help keep them coming back.
  • Their the Best way to Give yourself or your staff new vitality and keep treatments fresh and effective.
  • Our popular Water-Free Heating Systems make it easy to add SYNERGY hot stones and enhance every style of massage on the menu!

To Add The 3rd Dimension of Sensation 

  • Massage without heat only affects the Pressure and Motion receptors in your clients body.
  • SYNERGY STONE hot stones with Radiant Heat add the 3rd Dimension of Sensation that affects the millions of Thermal Receptors against the skin and even over clothes.
  • Soothing Heat energy radiates from the Stones into the skin, muscles, fascia and circulation with a calming yet healing effect to create a multi-sensational experience for your client.
  • Clients want to relax 110%.  Affecting all 3 major sensory systems at once takes them to a deeper state of relaxation than ever before.

Professional Questions Answered:

Why 5 Different Shapes

The 5 Shapes allow you to perform a wide variety of massage techniques that common round stones can not perform. Each shape is contoured to conform over the body and fit securely in your hands.

How Will I Benefit?

You'll benefit directly by offering a new style of Massage that not only feels amazing, but reduces hand and wrist strain while giving your clients enhanced results.

How Do I Heat Them?

You can heat SYNERGY STONES between 1 or 2 BodyMed Heating Pads, in hot water, a towel warmer or in a microwave oven. You can also use them at room temperature or even cold.

Which Set Do I Need?

Most practitioners choose the Advanced Set of 10 which include 2 of each shape. This set gives you all the tools needed to both enhance any massage style as well as offer the full Synergy Stone(Heat~Wave) Massage. Watch the demo videos for each set to help you decide.

Original vs. Ultra-Smooth?

Original Black Synergy Stones are for use with against the skin with oils or creams. Ultra-Smooth Colored Stones are mainly for over clothes or dry skin but can be used against the skin with oils or creams as well.  Not sure which is right for you?  Order both styles and return whichever you like within 30 days for a full refund.


Synergy Stones are designed to perform Synergistic 3D Massage therapy on your clients, your loved ones and yourself. Synergy Stones are amazing. Basalt stones are nice. Basalt stones were shaped by nature to roll downstream.

How do I get Started?

Start by choosing a Set of Synergy Stones that matches your needs. Next choose a Heating System. Once you have them in hand, practice with a friend until comfortable and confident.

How do I start using them?

Once you receive your Synergy Stones, set them up and turn on the heat. Tune into our YouTube Channel and browse the demo videos to guide you. Practice with a friend both giving and receiving until comfortable and confident.

Can I exchange or return?

You can exchange or return any part of your purchase within 30 days. We want you to be happy with your choices. Once you start enjoying Synergy Stones it is difficult to do without though! They are that good.

How do I learn to use them?

Learn to use Synergy Stones simply by practicing with a friend, both giving and receiving, until you are comfortable and confident. We provide demonstration videos to watch and gain suggestion from.

How do I wash them?

Any gentle plant based or non-harsh cleaner will work to clean your stones between clients. At the end of the day we suggest a thorough washing with either a spray cleaner or soap and water and letting them air dry overnight.

Do you offer any classes?

We are developing several classes to offer both online and in person. Sign up for our informative newsletter to hear about those happening in the near future.

How long has Synergy Stone been around?

Synergy Stones are the creation of Scott Wynn, LMP of over 23 yrs. He started on his mission to make his job easier in 2004. Over many years he sculpted and vigorously tested over 100 specialized shapes. Along the journey, he perfected the 5 that exceeded his expectations and coined them "SYNERGY STONES". He immediately realized the opportunity to share his creations and improve others lives and prolong careers and has since been hand making them with his family for thousands of other professionals around the world.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

Our door is always open to questions, comments or constructive feedback. Email us or call anytime. We are personally committed to listening to your questions and helping you understand what we and many other professionals have already discovered.

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