Small Water-Free Heating System

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Conveniently heat the CORE Set of SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools (or another similar assortment) with NO WATER REQUIRED! Lay Stones between the (1) SYNERGY HEATING SYSTEM Pad to heat up to 5 Synergy Stones at once. Digital controller allows you to program, as well as monitor, the temperature and treatment time.

Set the temperature between 86 and 166 degrees and treatment time up to 8 hrs. Once hot, you can enjoy using your heated Synergy Stones and then replace between the heating pad to reheat within minutes. When powered on, defaults to 120F for 2 hours.  Can also be set up with a timer or Wi-Fi Smart plug(both sold separately) to turn on before starting your day!


  • 1 Small Bamboo Tray. 14x14"
  • 1 Felt Heating Pad Cover.
  • 1 Oil-Proof Heating Pad cover.

This is the SMALL Water-Free Heating System.  There are no Synergy Stones included with this. This System will heat the CORE Set of 5 Synergy Stones or another similar assortment. Returns and Exchanges are not offered for this product. 

INT'L WARNING: The Heating System is for use with a 120 volt power supply only. For higher volt power outlets you will need a "Step-Down Converter" that lowers the voltage. ie:

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