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The HEAT~WAVE's "Wave" design and Smooth texture make giving relaxing and therapeutic hot stone massage Ultra-Convenient. Heat in 60-90 seconds in a microwave, between a BodyMed heating pad, in hot water or a towel cabby. This Hot Stone Massage Tool works to give gentle to deeper massage anywhere you need it. Held with two hands or one, this hot stone's two long flat sides provide a soothingly surreal and warm sensation while the five blunt yet powerful tips and ends work to penetrate deeply where needed. Perform HEAT~WAVE techniques such as Soothe, Rake and Sculpt to make massaging your clients, each other and yourself easier and more enjoyable.

Features of the HEAT~WAVE hot stones include:
  • Patented contoured WAVE design massages over every area of the body with ease.
  • Perform Gentle to Deep Pressure without repetitive strain issues.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give Multi-Sensory hot stone massage.
  • Gets HOT in a microwave, between a heating pad, in hot water or a towel cabby.
  • Synergizes Hot Stone Massage Relaxation with Therapeutic bodywork benefits.
  • For Massage Therapists, Athletes, Families and literally anyone that loves Massage.
  • Makes massage easier by doing the work of your palms, fingers and thumbs for you.
  • Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA.

The 1st two below are the "Original" for better grip when using oil against the skin.