Lifetime Warranty


We have performed countless stress tests, heating tests and cooling tests to make sure our SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools are safe to use and will last a lifetime. Under normal use your SYNERGY STONEs should last forever! That being said, SYNERGY STONES are not indestructible. If dropped on a hard surface or hit together with force, they may fracture. For this reason, we offer a conditional lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. If you accidentally drop a SYNERGY STONE Tool and it becomes unusable, we will replace it for a small handling fee plus shipping. Please do NOT DROP on hard surfaces or hit together with force. Thank you. ;-)  


In the unfortunate event that your Synergy Stone becomes damaged, immediately stop using it and do NOT try to repair. Simply take a photo of your broken Stone, dispose of it properly and start a Warranty Claim by emailing us at Provide us with the circumstances, the photo of the damaged stone and your shipping address . Once we determine that your Warranty Claim is valid we will calculate the shipping costs and email you a digital invoice for that cost plus $10 handling. Once that is paid we will replace your SYNERGY STONE with a brand new one shipped back to you. You will also receive an email from us as soon as your replacement SYNERGY STONE Tool has shipped. If we determine that your Warranty Claim does not fall within the scope of this Warranty, we will let you know what your options are to replace the damaged Tool.


This Warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser of the SYNERGY STONE or to anyone that receives them as a gift. This warranty does not cover loss due to theft, overheating in a microwave or elsewhere, contrast heating from hot to cold or cold to hot or hitting another Stone.


Thank you for SYNERGIZING and Enjoy!