About Us

Hello and Welcome to SYNERGY STONE!

SYNERGY STONE was started by L.M.T. Scott Wynn in 2007. His expertise in the field of therapeutic Massage led him to envision, create and perfect this revolutionary array of intuitively designed Hot Stone Massage Tools. Since then, Scott and his team have been hand-making SYNERGY STONE's for Massage professionals and enthusiasts everywhere. It has been our pleasure to offer genuinely hand-crafted tools that find their way into the hands of caring people like you all around the world.

Frequent, relaxing and therapeutic massage is a powerful form of natural healing. Please enjoy learning about and utilizing these very special Massage Stones to SYNERGIZE every Massage you give!

Thank you for your interest and please contact us with any questions. Sincerely, The Synergy Stone Family

We've just moved our Home and Shop to a beautiful location in Gig Harbor WA.  You can still order from our limited selection but if you don't see what you need sign up for our Notification email list and we'll keep you in the loop as we make new batches available in 2-3 weeks ♥! Thanks for your patience and understanding, Scott and the Synergy Stone family