Build your own Water-Free Tray System with the items below, or consider our COMPLETE Systems that include everything you need Plus a Set of SYNERGY STONES.

There are 3 parts to a Water-Free Tray Heating System: 

  1. A Small or Large Tray.  We custom make these to be stylish and fit exactly the Heating pads and Synergy Stones.
  2. One or Two TheraTherm Heating Pads.  You only need one for the Small Tray and 2 for the Large Tray.
    1. The Small Tray can hold up to 5 Synergy Stones, or the CORE Set of Stones.
    2. The Large Tray can hold up to 10 Synergy Stones, or the ADVANCED Set of Stones.
  3. An Oil-Proof Cover for each Heating Pad you need.  We make these to fit exactly the size of one Heating pad.