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A perfect balance of form and function, SERENE Synergy Stone provides broad warmth with a large flat surface area, notches on both sides for maneuverability and narrow edges for sculpting ability where you need it. Seemingly simple and straightforward, SERENE is more than meets the eye. It's ability to twist and turn from broad and forgiving to narrow and aggressive gives SERENE an advantage over any other shaped stone. Silky Smooth, SERENE "Ultra-Smooth" has an glossy surface that enables you to massage over clothes, friction free, without oil or against the skin with or without oil. 

Features of the SERENE Synergy Stone include:
  • SERENE has a broad flat surface for warm, soothing massage.
  • Narrow edges for detailed or aggressive muscle sculpting where needed.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give multi-sensory hot stone massage.
  • Gets HOT in a microwave, between a heating pad, in hot water or a towel cabby.
  • Synergizes Hot Stone Massage Relaxation with Therapeutic bodywork benefits.
  • For Massage Therapists, Athletes, Families and literally anyone that loves Massage.
  • Makes massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you.
  • Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA.

The 1st two below are the "Original" for better grip with oil against the skin.