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BLISSFUL hot stones are contoured like an hour-glass to move easily over and around any body area. Rolling curves give BLISSFUL its versatility. The top and bottom edges give "Dual-Touch" sensations while Soothing, Circling, Raking and Rocking your client into a deep state. A thin middle all the way around gives maneuverability and agility where needed. BLISSFUL can transform an average massage into an ultra-relaxing sensation. Held with one or two hands, a smooth yet grippable surface enables you to massage gently or deeper where needed.

Features of the BLISSFUL Synergy Stone include:
  • BLISSFUL Dual-Touch hot stone design delivers twice the sensations at once.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give multi-sensory hot stone massage.
  • Gets HOT in a microwave, between a heating pad, in hot water or a towel cabby.
  • Synergizes Hot Stone Massage Relaxation with Therapeutic bodywork benefits.
  • For Massage Therapists, Athletes, Families and literally anyone that loves Massage.
  • Makes massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you.
  • Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA.

The 1st two below are the "Original" for better grip with oil against the skin.