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SUBLIME hot stone Massage tools feature 4 T-shaped knobs and 4 soothing saddles that Knead, Sculpt and Rake muscles toward optimal health. Easily held multiple different ways which allows for many different approaches to each area you're massaging. Blending the heat of Hot Stone Massage with focused therapeutic techniques SUBLIME holds an obvious advantage over smaller rounded stones that are difficult to maneuver. Excellent at twisting long muscles to lengthen, spreading wide muscles to broaden and kneading tight muscles to soften.

Features of the SUBLIME Synergy Stone include:
  • X-Shaped SUBLIME is designed for twisting, torquing and kneading and sculpting.
  • 4 Soothing saddles between 4 T-Shaped Knobs cradle and radiate warmth.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give multi-sensory hot stone massage.
  • Gets HOT in a microwave, between a heating pad, in hot water or a towel cabby.
  • Synergizes Hot Stone Massage Relaxation with Therapeutic bodywork benefits.
  • For Massage Therapists, Athletes, Families and literally anyone that loves Massage.
  • Makes massage easier by doing the work of your fingers and thumbs for you.
  • Hand made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA.

The 1st two below are the "Original" for better grip with oil against the skin.