Synergy Stones can be heated in multiple ways. In a Microwave oven, with our Water-Free System, in a Towel Cabby or with Hot water are the most common. The quickest way is to microwave them for 1-2 minutes.  For professional massage you can preheat with a microwave when in a rush, and then keep them hot all day with our Water-Free System or Hot Water. 

Microwave Oven Heating

Synergy Stones are made of solid Stoneware so they can be quickly heated in a microwave oven. Heat single stones for 60-90 seconds and reheat for only 30 seconds! Heat an entire CORE Set of 5 Synergy Stones in as little as 3 minutes.

Water-Free Heating Pad Systems

This Water-Free heating method simplifies heating your Synergy Stones and makes it possible when water isn't available. The Heating pad method also saves valuable time during setup and between massages. One of the most important benefits is that it makes exchanging stones easier with no water to dry off and not having to dip hands in hot water repeatedly. This video highlights the CORE Set of SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools being heated in the Water Free system.

Using only 1 heating Pad, an Oil-Proof case for the pad and a small tray to hold the pad and stones you can enhance many different styles of massage as well as offer the Synergy Stone Massage.

You'll need: A CORE Set of 5 Synergy Stones(or your own combination), a 14x27" TheraTherm heating pad, an Oil-Proof case for the heating pad and a small Maple Wood tray.

Towel Cabinet Method

The Towel Cabinet heating method is very simple but does not give as much temperature control as the other options.  You can preheat your Synergy Stones in a Microwave oven for 1-2 minutes to get started.  If not in a hurry, simply place your Synergy Stones on a folded washcloth that can be replaced after each client.  During use be sure to check the temperature.  If too hot let air cool until comfortable to hold.

Hot Water Basin Method

Hot water is a traditional method of heating Stones. Heat is generated from electrical elements in the walls of the heater and transfers to the water and into the stones. Hot water has been the most common way to heat stones around the world. Water is a good medium to transfer heat energy into the stones.

Drawbacks of using hot water are that it takes extra time to set up and clean between massages. Also, dipping hands into hot water can be uncomfortable. In addition, drying the stones off each time you exchange cool stones for hot stones causes more time to be spent away from the massage.

Any of the three Synergy Stone Sets can be heated within an 18qt. water filled Stone heater.


Individual Stones and Pairs

Choose from the Five unique SYNERGY Stone Shapes. Remember that having at least 2 is best so that you can have one in each hand, or have one heating while the other is in use.

Professional Sets of FIVE or TEN

For a more immersive experience choose from the CORE Set of FIVE or the ADVANCED Set of TEN SYNERGY STONES.  The ADVANCED Set is the most popular choice because it has 2 of each Stone and gives you the most versatility.

Complete WATER-FREE Systems

For everything you need to "Synergize" your Studio or Spa choose a Complete Water-Free System.  An investment in your career that your hands and your clients will thank you for every day. 

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