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Back Massage via Heat-Wave

Divine Foot Massage

Sports Warm Up Massage

Divine Shoulder Demo

Heat-Wave Shoulder and Back

Heat-Wave Foot Massage

Heat-Wave Glute Massage

Shoulder Divine Demo

Table Heat-Wave Back Massage #1

Table Heat-Wave Back Massage #2




Individual Stones and Pairs

Choose from the Five unique SYNERGY Stone Shapes. Remember that having at least 2 is best so that you can have one in each hand, or have one heating while the other is in use.

Professional Sets of FIVE or TEN

For a more immersive experience choose from the CORE Set of FIVE or the ADVANCED Set of TEN SYNERGY STONES.  The ADVANCED Set is the most popular choice because it has 2 of each Stone and gives you the most versatility.

Complete WATER-FREE Systems

For everything you need to "Synergize" your Studio or Spa choose a Complete Water-Free System.  An investment in your career that your hands and your clients will thank you for every day.