HEAT-WAVE "Original Black" SYNERGY STONE (For Oils, etc.)

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  • Ingenious WAVE design works over every area of the body with ease.
  • Blends Hot Stone Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage benefits.
  • Held with two hands or one, easy to give warm, soothing massage.
  • Makes massage easier by doing the work of your hands and fingers for you.
  • Perform Gentle to Deep Pressure ergonomically reducing repetitive strain issues.
  • Best for Massage Therapists, Athletes, Couples, People in Pain and anyone wanting the benefits of relaxing and therapeutic Hot Stone Massage.
  • Ultra-Smooth Colors are glossy smooth for use over clothes without oils or against the skin with oils/etc.
  • Original Black Color gives more grip with oils or creams and is for use against the skin only.
  • Gets HOT Fast in the Microwave or between a TheraTherm Heating Pad, in Hot Water or a Towel Cabby.
  • Massage COLD if wanted, from a fridge, freezer or ice water.
  • Patent Pending & Revolutionary ergonomic design.
  • Hand-made of solid natural Stoneware near Seattle, WA. U.S.A.

The HEAT~WAVE SYNERGY STONE Hot Stone Massage Tool features an ingenious "Wave" design and Smooth texture that combine to give both Relaxing and Therapeutic Hot Stone massage! Held with two hands or one, its two long flat sides provide a soothingly surreal and warm sensation while the five elbow like knobs and ends work to penetrate deeply where needed while decreasing your strain and fatigue.

Gets HOT in 60-90 seconds in a Microwave, between a TheraTherm Heating pad, in Hot Water or a Towel Cabby. Enjoy Hot, Room-temp or even Cold! Hot Stone Massage activates your body's Healing Response. Your body responds to the Synergy of heat, pressure and motion by increasing blood flow to the area, thereby increasing oxygen and bio-nutrients needed for active healing.

SYNERGY STONES have Revolutionized Hot Stone Massage. For their ability to radiate heat longer than any other Massage Tool and for their ability to perform all types of massage from gentle Swedish to Deep muscle sculpting. These tools get down to business for professionals as well as anyone wanting to do more with less effort. Massage Therapists, athletes, couples, professionals and more people around the world are discovering why SYNERGY STONE's are the most effective hot stone massage tools available.

SYNERGY STONE's are hand crafted of durable solid ceramic stoneware near Seattle, WA. Each tool is made with pride to be cherished for years to come. Enjoy discovering how the tools Scott designed to save his own hands and career can enhance your massage and extend your career as well.

Which Color is Right for You? There are two textures. Ultra-Smooth and Original Black. Original Black is the ONLY "Matte" textured color made for extra grip when using slippery oils, etc.. The other colors are Ultra-Smooth Glossy for use with oils on skin and/or over clothes. Choosing which Texture/Color comes down to personal preference. If you Only do massage with oils, etc., you can use either type but will have more grip with the Original Black. If you Only do Clothed Table or Chair massage, definitely go with the Ultra-Smooth Colors. If you do both, either get Both Textures, half and half, or go with Ultra-Smooth because Ultra-Smooth works with both oil and over clothes.

  • Both Original Black and the Ultra-Smooth Colors can be used against the skin with any lubricant such as massage oil, lotion, cream or gel.
  • Original Black is the only color with a matte surface over the whole stone. It is designed for use against the skin only and for the best grip when using with any lubricant.
  • Ultra-Smooth colors can be used against the skin with any lubricant AND over clothes such as for chair or clothed table massage. They are glossy smooth over the whole stone and have red “grip-spots” for extra grip when using massage oils, etc. If you find them too slippery exchanges are allowed within 30 days.

27 Reviews

  • 4
    Original black synergy stone

    Published by Christina Massart on 11th Dec 2019

    I LOVE it my peeps...
    1st time EVER really thinking of selling my basalt rocks that have been with me for 13 years.... Good product!!!

  • 5
    I'm in love

    Published by Christine Gaines on 9th Dec 2019

    I finally bought the heat wave and OMG I should have bought one sooner. My wrists and clients absolutely love this. I am very happy with my purchase!

  • 5
    Absolutely Fantastic

    Published by Neil on 21st Jul 2019

    I purchased the Heat Wave and Divine at the same time. I was a little apprehensive due to the price and being an international buyer. I have now used the stones several times and its clear that these stones are an exceptional massage tool. The designs are perfect and they are very easy to use, plus I have had some great feedback from clients. The benefits are outstanding as a user, it totally takes away the pressure from the therapists hands and gives you the ability to use the stones offering variable pressure on the client. The overall look of the stones is very professional, they are well made and designed, way beyond the look and feel of many other cheap massage tools. Absolutely no regrets in buying these, I just wish I'd bought them sooner. A highly recommended product with five star customer service.
    Thank you

  • 5
    Clients love it!

    Published by Norma Davis on 16th Sep 2018

    I have only been using my Heat Wave Stone recently, but so far, my clients are asking, "what is that you"re using on my back?" It feels wonderful! So i am investing in some SubLime Stones, next. I def will be offering a Heat Wave Stone Massage to my services.

  • 5
    Great for home use

    Published by Caelin Adams on 8th Mar 2018

    A very relaxing massage tool for home use. Easy and convenient ways to heat up!

  • 5
    Definitely the BEST investment ever!!!

    Published by Amanda Kiner on 1st Feb 2018

    I am a massage therapist. i purchased this a month ago and so far every client i have worked on really enjoys this. i love this stone. it really gives your hands a break. i just ordered 2 of the blissful stones and i cant wait to use those too. this is by far the best investment.

  • 5
    Awesome tool

    Published by Andrea on 26th Jan 2018

    I’ve been using this tool on every client I’ve had and so far my clients love it. I really like working with it also. I am still getting used to how to use it. I’m sure the more i use it the better my feel for it will be. I’m definitely pleased with it.

  • 5
    Loved by the whole family

    Published by April Ross on 24th Jan 2018

    Got this as a gift for my husband and now the whole family down to our 19m old loves it. They line up for massages. It takes the work out of giving a massage and really gets into places that need lots of attention, without tiring you out. We haven't heated it yet, but hoping to in the near future. We will be looking at getting the smaller stone with knuckles for our knotting shoulders. Love the whole body experience and ease of use. Would highly recommend. Service was great, very friendly and happy to accommodate.

  • 5
    Amazing product!!

    Published by rakpierce@gmail.com on 21st Dec 2017

    The heat wave synergy stone is absolutely amazing! I love the quality! Very sturdy. I've used it on my kids, my husband and clients. I am a massage therapist and this is a great add on tool for my massage therapy sessions! It heats up quick and the size of it makes it just the perfect temperature when my smaller stones may be to hot. It's great for the entire body! The shipment came to me very quickly also. Great product! I will be purchasing more in the future!

  • 5
    Loved by me and my clients!

    Published by Unknown on 4th Dec 2017

    Completely designed with love and attention to detail! A must for any therapist!

  • 5
    Total Relaxation

    Published by Lisa Cavallaro on 21st Aug 2017

    If you are looking for the perfect temperature and pressure point stone, this is it! It's amazing just laying it on your muscle to using the many ways to isolate muscle massage. By changing the position you can address many muscles and feel total relaxation. It has relaxed the muscle with the warmth and improved the tightness. I love how long it retains the heat. I can't wait to buy more.

  • 5
    Excellent quality

    Published by rosecotton57@gmail.com on 15th Jun 2017

    I purchased this for my husband who has diabetes and osteoarthritis. He has a lot of inflammation and old injuries from the past. My hands get tired during massages and this tool fit the bill. He really enjoyed it and so did my hands. I would recommend this to anyone. I wish I had known about this sooner.

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