Learn to use SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools to perform the exciting New SYNERGY STONE Massage! Watch, practice and learn at your convenience with our ever growing video library. Get started quickly with the sample videos below. Study at your own pace and Self-Certify by following the step-by-step protocol as a guide. Everything you learn can then be used to enhance every other style of Massage you already offer.

Watch the "Point Of View" videos that shows how to hold the SYNERGY STONES to perform HEAT~WAVE advanced techniques from the practitioners perspective. Also review the benefits, precautions and contraindications of the SYNERGY STONE Massage with downloadable pages from the SYNERGIZE Manual.

Demo Part 1Upper Body, Prone

Demo Part 2Lower Body, Prone

Demo Part 3Upper Body, Supine

Demo Part 4Lower Body, Supine

Printable Self-Certification