Synergize Your Practice

Ready to give your clients as well as you yourself a new style of Massage? The evolution of hot stone massage is here and it combines soothing heat with contoured stones that immerse your clients in a sensational new experience. It's the Synergy of Heat Therapy, Relaxation and custom Pressure that makes this unique and worthwhile.

"Synergize" by Adding Synergy Stone HEAT~WAVE Massage services to your existing Menu of services.

1. The Full Body HEAT~WAVE Massage

The New HEAT~WAVE Massage is Superb. Hand-crafted, Contoured Stones to blend Soothing Heat with Ultra-Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage creating a HEAT~WAVE Sensation that clients are raving about! Performed with Patent pending SYNERGY STONE Massage Tools it can be 1/2, 1, 1.5 or 2-hrs. in length. We suggest pricing at $20-35 above your regular Massage rates.

2. The HEAT~WAVE Add-On

The HEAT~WAVE Add-On is an optional upgrade to any regular massage such as Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports massage. It enhance's the clients experience by "Adding On" just the right amount of Soothing Warm HEAT~WAVE Massage. It can be offered at the time of booking or even at the appointment time. The HEAT~WAVE Add-On does not lengthen the regular massage time. Therefore, the revenue per/massage increases and clients are appreciative for the enhancement. We suggest charging $10, $15 and $20 to "SYNERGIZE" a 1, 1.5 or 2-hr regular massage, respectively.

How To Synergize?

1. Choose the Tool set that matches your needs.

-The CORE Tool set is where it all starts. It can perform the foundation of the HEAT~WAVE Massage and the HEAT~WAVE Add-On. It can be heated with just (1) 14"x27" electric heating pad or at least a 6-quart water filled stone heater. Can be upgraded to a larger Tool set at any time.

-The ADVANCED Tool set can perform both the HEAT~WAVE Massage and any HEAT~WAVE Add-On very well. It requires at least a 12-quart stone heater or (2) 14"x27" electric heating Pads. It's the most popular way to offer the HEAT~WAVE Massage for LMPs and Spa's alike. The ability to heat without water is one of the most attractive features!

-The ULTIMATE Tool set is the biggest, and can perform both the HEAT~WAVE and any Add-On robustly. It requires an 18-quart stone heater or (2) 14"x27" electric heating Pads. It is the best choice for those that want to give clients the most complete HEAT~WAVE Massage experience achievable.

2. Self-Certify with online demo videos to learn the "HEAT~WAVE Massage".

Learn to perform the HEAT~WAVE Massage and to enhance other styles of massage such as Swedish and Deep Tissue with the HEAT~WAVE Add-On. Self-Certify by watching the demo videos, following the Full body protocol and practicing until confident and prepared.

3. Announce your new "HEAT~WAVE" Massage services.

There are lots of ways to let your clients know about your newly added services. An email newsletter highlighting the benefits of HEAT~WAVE Massage is a good idea to bring in new and past clients. Updating your website with service descriptions and an announcement inviting clients to call and schedule right away is always a good idea. Think about mentioning the arrival of HEAT~WAVE Massage on your recorded voicemail message. Practice asking clients if they would like to try the new HEAT~WAVE Massage, or upgrade to include the HEAT~WAVE Add-On when they call to schedule their next service, whether it is a facial, a manicure or another massage.

Consider offering clients a complementary HEAT~WAVE Add-On at the time of their regular massage. This can be highly effective at showing that you are interested in giving your clients the best possible service, as well as encouraging your clients to experience the complete HEAT~WAVE Massage in the future. Remember, hard selling is not appreciated by clients. Offer them a sample, one that is Ultra-Relaxing, and they will naturally want More! Waves of Soothing Warmth, Custom Pressure and Flowing Massage Motion, with your staff's talented hands is all it takes.

Why Synergize?

1. Increase Immediate Revenue Per Massage.

Both the HEAT~WAVE Massage and the Add-On are well appreciated ways to generate more Revenue per Massage given! Clients Want to be treated to the best possible experience. Let them thank you for making their Massage Ultra-Relaxing by paying More Per Massage...

$20-35 More for The Full HEAT~WAVE Massage
Earn more for making your clients Massage Ultra-Relaxing! Do the math to see for youself that the IRP(Increased Revenue Potential) itself, is reason enough to SYNERGIZE!

$10-20 More for The HEAT~WAVE Add-On
Giving your clients the option to upgrade their regular massage experience sends a positive message. Their well-being and enjoyment is most important. Earn more for making your clients Massage Ultra-Relaxing!

2. Attract and Keep More New Clients with a HOT New Massage Sensation.

Occasionally adding new services is important to gaining new clients, and retaining existing clients. It lets clients know you have their interests in mind. Adding the New HEAT~WAVE Massage and HEAT~WAVE Add-On to your menu of services gives your clients a fresh reason to get excited about booking an appointment! Clients enjoy trying new services. Especially ones that feel amazing!

3. Bring back Lost Clients with a Soothing Warm Incentive.

The New HEAT~WAVE Massage and HEAT~WAVE Add-On are perfect ways to entice clients you have lost touch with to Come Back! Give them a small discount off the HEAT~WAVE Massage, or a Free HEAT~WAVE Add-On if they book their next appointment right away! We all love a good Deal...

4. Effective New Marketing Tools for Social Networking Deals and More.

With New services added to your Menu, you have effective new tools for marketing. Create some Buzz with a Facebook announcemnt, an email newsletter and maybe a coupon! Utilize the excitement about your new services to attract new clients, and entice lost clients to come back. Everyone is talking about the New HEAT~WAVE Massage... So should you!

5. Make your clients experience even better with the HEAT~WAVE.

It's all about the Client! Having New and exciting services to offer gives your staff the power to impress. It's easy for receptionists to mention the New HEAT~WAVE Add-On when booking any regular Massage, and just as easy for Massage staff to lay a Soothing Warm SYNERGY STONE in their clients hands before a Massage and offer to Upgrade to either the Full Body HEAT~WAVE Massage, or the HEAT~WAVE Add-On!

6. Give your Staff a New Style of Massage to enjoy! (No Water Required)

Easy to learn, HEAT~WAVE Massage is an exciting addition to any Spa! Your Massage staff will enjoy working with Tools that reduce the repetitive stress and strain on fingers and thumbs. And being able to fully customize the speed, pressure and overall effect keeps your Massage Staff in control and able to perform their best Massage. Heat the Stones with water, or between an electric heating pad! Never before has Hot Stone Massage been available to Spas without water access!

Need help Synergizing? Contact us today at (888) 885-3380.